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    Av. Prescott 231. San Isidro. Lima - Perú
    Alt. Cdra. 15 Av. Javier Prado Oeste
    Telfs: (511) 422 9547 / (511) 421 0814
    Fax: (511) 442 6289
In February 1995 came the most important proposal of Chinese cuisine that has taken place in Peru.

The Royal Restaurant is open from the hand of Mr. Cesar Loo, who at that time already had over 15 years of culinary experience in restaurants in China, as were the Grand Chifa Chifa Varela and renowned Palace.

In this context, the Royal, as it is known now provides a cozy atmosphere with a finely made wooden decoration in the style Mandarin and food with the latest trends in China Culinary Millennial within a 5 forks restaurant and decks that all engríe our customers.

In these 15 years we have expanded our proposal by the China Hall Restaurant capon street, for with the same quality and first class service has earned a seat on the Peruvian Cuisine.

To mark the tenth Ninth Festival of WACC (World Association of Chinese Cuisine) The Royal has been recognized as the Best Chinese Cuisine Restaurant in preserving the way of working the ingredients and look after their presentations, not in contravention of the art of Chinese cuisine.

In turn its appreciation to the excellent service, décor and management, our general manager Cesar Loo Cardenas has been honored as the best manager in the WACC China Kitchen China.
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